Smart tool Loom

Smart Tool #4 – Loom

The Problem: Video Creation Challenges of the Past It used to be a great specialized skill to know how to create and edit video content, especially for your business. It didn’t matter so much then, because only big corporations used video to reach their audience. Times have changed drastically. In fact, in 2022, There Were […]

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Smart Tool #3 – Canva

The Problem: Graphic Design Challenges of the Past In the not-so-distant past, creating visually appealing graphics posed a significant challenge. Traditional graphic design tools were often complex, requiring a steep learning curve and a considerable investment of time. For individuals without a design background, the prospect of crafting eye-catching visuals for presentations, social media, or

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Smart Tool #2 - Trello

Smart Tool #2 – Trello

The Problem As an entrepreneur, it is not easy to juggle people, projects, clients, and money, all at the same time. Tools that will help us to achieve order, organization, and success are very important so that we can achieve maximum productivity. Productivity tools abound, and the most popular one is Microsoft Project, a.k.a MS

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Smart Tool #1 – WPS Office

The Problem It is the 21st century, and every business uses technology to run efficiently. A major part of efficiency is document creation and management. We need a word document processor, a spreadsheet for calculations and projections, and something to do presentations. Microsoft Office is the suite of choice, however, the cost can be a

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