Tabula Rasa

It has been three years since my tenure at Daydah Concepts Ltd ended rather abruptly. I started that company because I was passionate about empowering micro, small and medium businesses to be more productive and profitable using information technology. Since the split, I have learnt to be more cautious about who I partner with, and sticking to what I believe in.

Jibi Technologies Ltd is born from the same cloth, in the sense that we are still passionate about helping you grow. We are however going to implement the knowledge and experience garnered individually and as a team, more carefully as we in turn, build our brand, brick by brick. For starters, we are reducing our available services to real web development for now. We will be available to build web applications and develop plugins, especially in the payment sector.

As we begin with a tabula rasa, we believe that we are ready to provide you with simple solutions for your everyday business needs.

Thank you for trusting us with your business.

Best Regards,

Adedayo Adeniyi,

Founder at Jibi Tech