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Are the costs of the plugins a one-time fee or a recurring fee?

The purchase of any of our plugins is a one-time fee for one domain with limited access to free support and updates. The limit is given by the duration of your Support License, which defaults to 1 year after the last purchase date. However, renewing your Support License is not mandatory, unless you need to upgrade the plugin to a newer version or if you need to access our technical support.

How do I download the plugin(s) I paid for?

Your downloads are available in the Downloads section of your account. An account is created for you when your first purchase is successful.

Where do I find my invoice?

Your invoice is usually generated within the first week of the next month after the product purchase date.  You’re going to find your invoice in the order page of your purchase on our website.

What do i need to open the files ?

Every plugin comes in the zipped format. For most of them, all you have to do is install the plugin through the normal plugin installer for the Content Management System they are for e.g. Joomla!, WordPress etc.

Some of these plugins are free. What is the catch?

Yes some are free. There’s no catch. Installing them should be easy too but if you need support, you’ll have to pay for it by subscribing to our support service.

What types of plugins do you have/make?

Most of our plugins are built for the Joomla! or the WordPress Content Management Systems, however we take custom PHP development requests.

What is the theme creation service?

The theme creation service we offer at Jibi Tech is the conversion of your Figma or Adobe XD designs to a custom WordPress theme.

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