Paystack for PayperDownload plugin


The Paystack for PayperDownload plugin is the bridge that lets you receive payments via the Paystack gateway, on your Joomla! site, set up with the PayPerDownload component.

The PayPerDownload component does just what it says – it lets your users pay you per download, either as single items or bundles. It was built to serve those sites that cater to downloadable products as well as paid access sites. It’s quite easy to set up and works right ‘out of the box’.

It is a free component, built by Ratmil Web Solutions and maintained by Olivier Buisard.

What is PayPerDownload?

With Pay per Download component you can control access to resources on your site based on users’ membership. You can have different types of memberships, with different levels, prices and expiration dates.

  • Read about the component here.
  • Find help with the component here.
  • Review their JED listing here.

What is Paystack?

Paystack provides modern online and offline payments for Africa. Paystack helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world. And it is free to sign up too! Join now.


  • An account with Sign up here. To receive live payments, don’t forget to switch to Live on your Paystack account (you might need to meet some requirements).
  • A Joomla! 3 website (of course).
  • PayPerDownload component installed on the site. You can download the component here.


  • Download the plugin.
  • Log into the back end of your Joomla! site.
  • On the Control Panel page, click “Install Extensions” > “Upload Package File” OR from the top menu, click Extensions > Manage > Install > Upload Package File.


After successful installation, open the plugin by going to Extensions > Plugin, then searching for it.

  • Fill in all the fields in the plugin, publish it, and save.
  • Open the PPD component configuration by going to Components > Pay Per Download > Configuration.
  • On the “Gateway Settings” tab, set “Use PayPal” to NO, “Use Payment Gateway Plugin” to YES.

Testing Instructions

  • Set the Paystack payment plugin to “Test Mode” – make sure you have retrieved your Test keys from your Paystack account and added and saved them to the plugin.

  • Visit the front end and make a test purchase on your site.
  • The Test mode from Paystack allows you to select which outcome you want to test – Success, Failed etc. This means you can test more than one scenario.
  • Don’t forget to switch to Live Mode when you are done.


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